Thursday, October 05, 2006


Behold the mythical power of the Democratic party. You see, even with its minority status in the House and the Senate, and despite the fact that they do not hold the White House, the republicans are powerless against them.

Why, it was just a few weeks ago in a Senate floor speech that Bill Frist declared that the blame for the "Do Nothing Congress" should not be laid at his feet. He was unable to hold the line against with his superior numbers against the power of being in the minority. Only having fifty-five of the Senate seats in his caucus, fifty-six if you count Lieberman, was no match for the power of having less.

These obstructionists, if you will, were the cause of no major legislation being passed despite the fact that the leaders of this motley band had steadfastly refused to block anything preferring to keep their powder dry.

It continues today, as now Denny Hastert proclaims from his fortress of solitude that blame for the Mark Foley scandal should, in fact, be placed on the Democrats. Yes, these wizards of archaic procedure summoned the ancient power of being out of the loop to know nothing of the impending scandal until it broke in the news. Hastert, with the full disadvantage of knowing fully what was going on for at least six months, never had a chance.

To make matters worse, Hastert's consigliere for this fall's elections had no choice but to keep the potential scandal alive by prodding the Democrat's victim into another term of service. But Hastert could do nothing to stop the irresistible force of being out of the loop. He might be the only true victim in this whole sordid mess.

What o what will these wilting flowers do next as they bear the burden holding power without actually governing? I'm sure they will be happier once they are out of power.

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