Friday, October 13, 2006

NRCC Pulls The Plug On Two Ohio Races

Last week, I wrote about some NRCC money coming to town, this week I get to tell you about some NRCC money leaving town. The NRCC has pulled the plug on two races here in Ohio which means that Charlie Wilson should win Ted Strickland's old seat and Betty Sutton should win Sherrod Brown's old seat.

This is significant because when the NRCC is starting to throw in the towel on open seats, you really know they have problems.

In Ohio polling news, Constituency Dynamics (I have no clue who these people are) released three Ohio polls yesterday that show Zack Space leading Joy Padgett 51-42, Mary Jo Kilroy leading Deb Pryce 53-41, and Victoria Wulsin leading Mean Jean Schmidt 48-45.

Again, I have no idea who these pollsters are, but it is important to note that the poll was taken before the Mark Foley affair. (8/27-29 Likely Voters)

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