Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Ohio State Treasurer Race

This race was pretty much over as soon as it got started. I really don't think current Treasurer Jennette Bradley wanted to continue on in politics, at least as State Treasurer, and campaigned as such in the primary. As a result of that, Bradley was defeated by a relative unknown in Sandra O'Brien whose primary issue is abortion.

I always like when candidates interject issues like abortion into candidacies for offices that have absolutely no power to do anything about those issues, but that is what O'Brien is doing which should give Democrat Rich Cordray an easy pass in this contest. Even republican business leaders started moving en mass to Cordray's side once the primary was over.

Cordray currently leads in the latest Plain Dealer poll 40-31 with 29% undecided which is easy to understand considering both candidates name recognition is in the thirties.

While 29% undecided leaves a lot of room for both candidates to maneuver to chase those votes, strong coat tails from an expected gubernatorial blowout should provide the means to push a lot of those undecided voters into Cordray's column. Prediction: Cordray 55, O'Brien 45.

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