Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Race Baiting Ads Come To Columbus

First of all, I'll be honest. Until Bill Hayes starting running race baiting ads in the Ohio 91st State House race, I'd never heard of him or his opponent, Dan Dodd.

The ad, which depicts a African-American man who supposedly raped a kid or something like that, and then proclaims that Dodd did not want the man punished. If the ad being run against Harold Ford in Tennessee goes right up to the line of race baiting, and even former republican Bill Cohen says that it does, then this ad goes over that line in leaps and bounds. It should be pulled immediately.

As for Dodd, I really only know what I've read about him on his website. For some reason, he felt the need to sign the Americans For Tax Reform's pledge not to raise taxes. Yea, that's Grover Norquist's group. Jesus, is there even a real Democrat in this race.

So there are your choices in Hocking County. Somewhat of a Democrat who won't raise your taxes or racist skunk fucker Bill Hayes.

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