Monday, October 30, 2006

I Believe The Word Is Cleansed

A few weeks ago, a woman claimed the US Rep Jim Gibbons had made unwanted sexual advances then physically assaulted her in a Las Vegas parking garage. Gibbons, who is currently running for Governor of Nevada, had been claiming that he was simply trying to help the woman to her car and that as she slipped and fell, he caught her by the arm.

That is what he had been claiming, but not now. You see, he wasn't even there. Security tapes have surfaced that show neither Gibbons nor the woman were in the parking garage during the time of the alleged attack so now the Nevada GOP is claiming that the incident that Gibbons had previously admitted to being in the proximity of, never happened at all. By the way, it took two weeks for the tapes to come up. Vegas has some great cleaners, huh?

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