Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mean Jean Fights Back

Jean Schmidt is fighting back against the good doctor's latest ad, which I put up yesterday. Wait till you hear this. From The Cincinnati Enquirer:

Her continued violation will land her in serious trouble with the House Ethics Committee," Schmidt's spokesman Matt Perin said in a release, referring to the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, which the release mistakenly referred to elsewhere as the "House Committee on Official Standards and Conduct."
Besides those errors, there's just one more tiny problem: Wulsin, who is challenging Schmidt in the 2nd District, is not a member of the House. Not yet anyway.

Let's face it, as dumb as Schmidt is, this wouldn't even be a race if she never gave that speech. The voters of this very republican district would just keep sending her back to the House as long as this district remains intact. Her main problem is that the more you hear from her, the more turned off you are by her. If she would have just went to Congress and did nothing, she'd be up in this race by a large margin.

But, she didn't, and as happens so often when dumb people decide to "get involved", well, let's just say it went downhill from there.

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