Sunday, October 08, 2006

NRCC Cash Coming To Town

The NRCC has just released $7.8 million in expenditures for November's election and nearly a million of those dollars are going to be spent in Ohio. Steve Chabot will receive $201,262 for issue ads and phone banking, Deb Pryce will get $206,650 for issue ads, and Joy Padgett will be funded by a whopping $552,043 for ads, mailings, and phone banking.

You may recall that the NRCC has steadfastly refused to return the $100,000 that Mark Foley contributed to their coffers and are actively seeking to gain control of the $2.7 million that remains in his campaign account.

As for the head of the NRCC, it seems that we may not have Tom Reynolds to kick around much longer, a new poll out today shows him trailing Jack Davis 48-33. It is a Zogby poll, but no poll is ever off that much. Reynold had been considered a shoe-in prior to the Foley scandal.

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mb said...

Did you see the McCain ad for DPryce? Was on Sunday morning tv. They are playing serious ball now, and that's their last ace that doesn't have sludge running down it. I'm betting most of that money is putting these up. I still am hearing that it is too close to call, but I think Foley's pushed MJK up.