Monday, October 16, 2006

The Ohio Senate Race

A couple of good things have happened in this race in the last 72 hours. On Friday night, Sherrod Brown quite literally crushed Mike DeWine in a debate broadcast on PBS. Now, it is true that few impressionable voters that would be watching a debate on a Friday night. Only true political junkies do that. Hell, the only reason I watched it was because it was on at the bar I was at.

Anyway, while that wasn't a significant event in the race, this past weekend the NRSC decided to pull out of the race, meaning no mo dough for Mikey to run attack ads against Brown. They see the race as a sure loser, and while I'm not quite ready to say it is a done deal, republican voter apathy towards both DeWine and gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell seems to be trending that way.

Although recent polls have had this race all over the map from tight to blowout, I thinking Brown beats DeWine by a comfortable margin. Prediction: Brown 53, DeWine 47.

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