Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Washington Post Article On John Negroponte

One thing you can about these bastards, they never seem to die young. John Negroponte, 65 is to begin his Senate confirmation hearings today to become National Intelligence Director. The Washington post has some background on him here. You might not remember him from the 80's and his role in the Iran-Contra scandals.

At that time, Negroponte was the US ambassador to Honduras. Particularly troubling was his close ties to Gustavo Alvarez, a Honduran strongman that Negroponte said had a "dedication to democracy." Really John, I guess in those days all you had to do to have a "dedication to democracy" was to throw thirty nuns out of a high flying helicopter alive. Negroponte also had ties to General Luis Alonso Discua, founder of Battalion 3-16, the group that ran the death squads. Discua, who had been the Honduran Deputy Ambassador to the UN, was deported from the US March, 25 2004 so that he could not testify at Negroponte's Iraq Ambassador confirmation hearings.

But the real thing that gets me, beyond his bloody past, is that this fucking guy who has already been proven to have lied to Congress once, is going to be the new NID. It pisses me off that The Washington Post article doesn't even mention this. They just now filed a FOIA to get all of his personal memos, which were declassified in 1998.

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