Tuesday, April 12, 2005

UN Landmine PSA

I just watched a story on MSNBC about a new landmine PSA created by the UN. You can view the ad here. Most American television stations are refusing to air the ad. The ad goes something like this. There is a girls soccer game here in America. After scoring a goal, one of the celebrating girls steps on a landmine and it blows up. A puff of smoke goes up and the girl falls down. Her father runs onto the field yelling "she's hit, she's hit."

The folks on MSNBC were full of shock. Bob Schultz, a guest who created the drunk driving ads featuring two beer mugs crashing into each other, claimed the ad would rated R if it was a movie. They all said the ad was too graphic for American TV.

They were right about one thing. This ad should not appear on American TV. Its bad, if fact its comically bad. I laughed out loud when I watched it. The puff of smoke from the landmine going off looks like something from a 2nd rate magic show. I've seen things much more graphic in a PG movie. The UN should try to get their money back from Brooklyn Brothers, who apparently subbed the ad work out to a local high school AV club.

Although I agree the ad has to be somewhat radical to get past most Americans blinders on world issues, I'm sick of the faux outrage being exhibited on stupid issues like this ad from both the left (why won't American TV show this) and the right (why is the UN attacking America). Landmine eradication is an important issue that America in which should be involved. These silly arguments obscure the issue behind the noisy din of the modern American media.

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