Thursday, April 14, 2005

Colorado Governor Bill Owens Vetoes Emergency Contraception Bill

Last Tuesday, Colorado Governor Bill Owens vetoed a bill that would require hospitals to provide information about emergency contraception to victims of sexual assault. The bill had easily passed the House and Senate. The Colorado Senate lacks two votes for an override. In a truly disgusting play to his base, Owens put 2008 Presidential politics above the health of the women of Colorado.

All states should pass this legislation, in fact, all states should require physicians to prescribe the medication if the patient chooses to take that route. Furthermore, all states should mandate that pharmacists fill the prescription if presented to them. That is the standard protocol set forth by the AMA. And to be honest, the AMA should get some fucking onions and kick any physician to the curb that wants to parade his faux moral nobility above his Hippocratic Oath.

I wonder how many of these fuckwads would be willing to give up their lucrative practices on moral grounds? The obvious answer is damn near zero. Some may choose to practice as some sort of alternative medicine for the freaks that believe this sort of shit. I can live with these witchdoctors practicing on their own, but they shouldn't be treating normal people.

I hate these religious zealots that feel they need to take the culture war into the realm of healthcare.

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