Friday, April 08, 2005

Thinking Out Loud

In John Paul II's will he asks that all of his personal notes be burned. Whatever you thought of him, he was third longest serving member of a 2000 year old organization which makes you a great historical figure. Historians would love to pour over these note, so why did he order them burned? Perhaps he had personal views that contradicted church doctrine. Perhaps he didn't want his thoughts to hang over the next Pope. Or maybe he was a ghost writer for Penthouse Forum. It just seems so odd to me that he would want these great historical documents destroyed. Then again I put my lousy, crappy writing on the internet so what do I know. Could this be the makings of a new Dan Brown book? Feel free to post your own conspiracy theories below.


Retired in Ohio said...


Very nice blog! I decided to check it out after you too commented on that great Ohioan Derrick "I have no principles" Seaver on DKos this morning.

As for the pope, I've read that he was upset because a prior pope's private writings appeared in another person's book after the pope died.

I'm Catholic and pray for JP, but I have mixed feelings about JPII. Loved his views on the Iraq war, the death penalty, helping the poor, etc. but disliked his views on condoms esp with AIDS devastating Africa, on the role of women (pour me some more tea, Sister, after you press my pants), and his attacks on GLBT folks. The church badly needs to update into the 21st century from the Middle Ages.

Again, nice blog!

Phlip said...

Thanks for the nice comments Retired.