Thursday, April 21, 2005

Ned Hill Is A Moron

The Columbus Dispatch has an article today about a mass exodus of Ohioans from the state in fifteen years. I agree with the article with one exception. What I don't agree with is an idiotic statement made by Edward "Ned" Hill, economic-development professor at Cleveland State University. While discussing scenarios that could alter the exodus Ned said, "If global warming increases, we can compete with North Carolina."

Really, that would be a global increase of about eight degrees. It would be catastrophic. We wouldn't need to worry about competing with other states for jobs. We would be too busy fighting a worldwide war for food. The world's rivers would back up flooding most of the arable farmland across the planet. This would also displace over a billion people.

When people throw around casual statements about global warming, it perpetuates the myth that it’s nothing to worry about, especially when a frickin professor does it. I hope the Dispatch realizes that Ned Hill is too stupid to quote anymore.

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julie said...

Yeah, what he said.