Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Shut Up Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck has been riding Michael Coleman pretty hard lately over an alleged sexual assault at Mifflin High School. What's the real reason Beck is attacking Coleman? Because Coleman is running for governor next year and is the first Democrat to be a serious contender to the sixteen-year stranglehold the republicans have had on the Governor's Mansion.

And Beck knows this, for this is the politics of Terri Schiavo. Why? Like Jeb Bush in Florida, Michael Coleman doesn't have any real authority to intervene in this case. This is a job for the police and the school board. But the rule of law means nothing to his followers. They don't understand why every whim of theirs cannot be dealt with in absolution. They are simpletons who think that merely their faith in God allows them to judge all without repercussion.

Well, guess what dopes? Beck doesn't really care about the little girl involved in this case. He is hiding behind his daughter to give him political coverage. This is a pure and simple political hit against someone who isn't allowed to do what Beck claims he wants done anyway. Beck is too smart a guy to not know this. Does that mean that his listeners don't mind being conned when they fill his pockets with money, or are they addicted to the masturbatory quality of his vitriol. Faith and values party, indeed.

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