Thursday, April 21, 2005

Microsoft Pulls Feeding Tube On Gay Rights

Americablog is reporting that Microsoft has dropped its support for Washington HB 1515, anti-discrimination legislation protecting homosexuals. This is in response to mouth breathing Big Box Jesus manager Ken Hutcherson’s threat to organize a boycott of Microsoft.

I only have one question for Microsoft. How effective a boycott could this fucking asshole possibly enact? The conventional wisdom says not very. These people are not the technorati. They are not tech savvy enough to use other operating systems. Christ, they might as well be threatening to boycott English.

As for your software, I doubt they buy very much anyway. And what are they going to do, go to work and refuse to use Microsoft Office? Are they going to hire a team of unintelligent designers to write new software? This is a joke and Bill Gates, so now are you.

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