Friday, April 08, 2005

Dean Worthington Of Hilliard, Fuck Off

Dean Worthington's letter to the editor in today's Dispatch not only reeks of soft racism, he is dead wrong on the facts. The fact that the Dipatch ran this at all is bad enough, but the fact that they ran it as the lead letter is an example of poor judgement. Forcing people to show ID at polling locations does in fact suppress votes, but not for the reasons you think. The suppression occurs across all races due to education level. It's not because African-Americans fear arrest as most bigots think. Your use of "others" is obviously making that reference. What's the matter Dean, don't you think poll workers can tell African-Americans apart? Oh, and how many fucking times do you think people who waited five hours in line voted? It makes me glad that I live in the city where I don't often have to deal with stupid hillbilly fuckwits like Mr. Worthington.

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