Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Fox Is In The Hen House

Iraq today named the heads of several of their ministries. The three biggies still have no permanent ministers. They are Electricity, Defense, and Oil. The temporary minister for oil is going to be Ahmed Chalabi. Wait, did I just write that. Jesus, this motherfucker keeps turning up like a bad penny. So, a proven thief and good friend of Cheney is going to be minister of oil.

I gotta go call my broker. I thought Big Oil would be paying for Iraq's oil. If they are going to be stealing it, I want my cut.

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Mike said...

I just wish that more local folks actually support our WCBE NPR Affiliate... I know they listen... but WOSU is once again possibly making moves to eliminate them from the market. Good public radio is something worth a few bucks a year.