Thursday, April 07, 2005

Offshore Drilling

Like I’ve been say for a while, it was never about ANWR. It’s all about getting rid of the federal ban on offshore drilling. Today’s Dispatch has the story. Right now, the Pacific, Atlantic, and eastern Gulf coasts are protected from oil and natural gas drilling.

Big Oil wants these restrictions lessened or removed. They knew that this ban was untouchable until they could get the ANWR ban lifted. Only one oil company, Exxon Mobil, is currently even thinking about drilling in ANWR. Everybody wants to drill off of the coast of Florida. Well, except Floridians. It’s far too great a risk to a state who’s main industry is tourism.

Lamar Alexander, a senator from landlocked Tennessee has introduced legislation that would give governors control of their offshore drilling rights. Collect much oil lobby money lately Lamar? Jeb Bush is term limited out so look for the drilling to start as soon as his ass is out the door with his pockets full of oil money.

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