Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wow, It Really Is Obama-mania

This is impressive. At a Cincinnati area fundraiser Barack Obama raised as much as $500,000. but two other things caught my eye. One of the attendees was Stan Chesley, a Hillary Clinton fundraiser. Another was Harold Brooks, a longtime republican activist.

While Chesley is just a guy that wanted to be in the room, he did add some comments to the article in the Enquirer that I'm sure will not thrill the Clinton camp. From the Enquirer:

Class-action lawyer Stan Chesley, who has raised millions for President Clinton and Senator Clinton's campaigns, said he was there because he has "enormous respect" for Obama.

"Of course, I am supporting Hillary, but, mainly I want to see the best Democrats run for president," Chesley said. "Senator Obama is very impressive."

Brooks went further, pledging to organize other republican African-Americans for Obama. Obama has been drawing impressive numbers as well. At this event, people had to line the wall because there wasn't enough seating. Obama drew almost double what former President Bill Clinton had drawn at a similar event there recently. In Austin, Texas Obama recently drew 15,000 supporters at an outdoor rally. Nobody right now can match these numbers.

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