Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fuckity Fuck Fuck

Lest you consider me a hypocrite, let me first say that I indeed use the word fuck, a lot. And I think that this is a perfectly appropriate forum in which to do so. There are other places that are inappropriate to do so, such as when addressing a high school history class.

That's exactly what Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown did on a recent visit to King Phillip High School. Brown, who delusional conservatives believe can defeat John Kerry in 2008, used the word fuck several times while addressing a Facebook site that had disparaged him. Brown also distributed e-mails he had received that contained the word fuck.

Okay, being dumb enough to think you can say fuck, as a politician, while addressing high school aged kids is poor enough judgement in itself. But instead of just apologizing for the incident, Brown did the stupidest thing you can do as a politician. He tried to justify his actions. A note for anyone reading this who might be thinking about going into politics, never do this. From the Metro West Daily News:

Brown said he is accustomed to criticism himself, but was upset about comments about his daughter, saying it was hurtful. As for the quotation of postings, he said, "I'm a little confused what the problem is. Is the problem that I quoted the "F" word directly from an e-mail?"

He pointed out that the word appears in "Catcher in the Rye," which is required reading.


Brown acknowledged he included those e-mails, both from constituents and students, and defended putting them in.

"We're talking two or three swear words," he said.

He said if the school has issues with those words he inclusion, whether the school is also editing those kinds of words out of works such as "Catcher in the Rye."

Okay, literary great J.D. Salinger Brown is not, and whether or not the word fuck is contained in Salinger's work doesn't make it okay for Brown, an elected State Senator to use this language in this situation. By defending himself with this rationale, Brown only manages to paints himself bigger the fool.

One other thing from this article made me chuckle as well. Brown claims he has received over 300 e-mails of support following this dust up. Who the fuck writes an e-mail of support over this? It must go something like this:

Fucking ace job using the word fuck in front of those little fuckers the other day. I fully fucking support you!

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