Friday, February 16, 2007

Abe Lincoln The Prognosticator?

Hey, I just found an addendum to the famous Nicolay Draft of the Gettysburg address which attributes the following quote to Abe Lincoln:

Seven score and four years from now some jackass from Alaska will take time out of his busy schedule of wasting tax-payers dollars on ludicrous projects to misattribute a quote to me.

Wow, Alaska wasn't even a state then!!! That must have been a magic stove pipe hat.


JY said...

Is my web browser cached, or has it been 3 days since you posted? Maybe you could compare the war on terror with the Revolutionary War...or maybe some more info on beef jerky...give your fans something! Are you busy preparing for Lent?

Phlip said...

I spent most of yesterday puking my guts out, didn't even turn my computer on.

Anonymous said...

Virus or Jaeger induced?