Saturday, February 10, 2007

Supporting the Troops By Defunding

Actually, I'm not talking about the "surge" here, but rather I'm referring to the piece of junk pictured below.

The V-22 Osprey has once again been grounded. From The Washington Post:

The Marine Corps said yesterday it was temporarily grounding its fleet of V-22 Osprey tilt rotors after discovering a glitch in a computer chip that could cause the aircraft to lose control.

The order affects 54 of the helicopter-airplane hybrids -- 46 owned by the Marines and eight belonging to the Air Force -- and could last weeks, Marine Corps officials said. It was an unexpected setback for the program; the military last grounded the fleet in 2000 after two fatal crashes that killed 23 Marines.

If Congress is serious about supporting the troops, they should kill this program before it kills anymore of the troops. This thing has been in development for twenty years and we have spent God knows how much money and for what? The Osprey is still a flying deathtrap, and that's during peacetime.

Well guess what, the Marines are planning on deploying this piece of shit to Iraq this summer. If you think the insurgents are improving their techniques for shooting down helicopters, just wait until this thing gets introduced. Stop this from happening, kill the Osprey program.

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