Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Laughing Last

John Edwards other blogger, Melissa McEwan, who wasn't actually blogging for the Edwards campaign has followed Amanda Marcotte's lead and also resigned. That's fine. I'm sure Bill Donohue is feeling mighty smug right now, but I'd like to remind Donohue a little thing about laughing last.

They say those who laugh last, laugh best. That last laugh will never belong to you, Mr. Donohue. Why? Even the party you love so much, the republicans, don't give damn number one about your puritanical ways. You're brand of theocracy will never flourish in the United States because of that. For that fact, we will always have the last laugh over you. Enjoy.

The latest example probably comes in the form of conservative Texas Governor Rick Perry. Perry, over the objection of folks like Donohue issued an executive order to inoculate girls with the HPV vaccine. As much as Donohue's ilk want to control the vaginae of the women of this nation, your fellow republican threw your views under the bus. You see, Merck is a large donor to Mr. Perry and when is comes down to the views of Big Pharma vs your collection of zealots...well, you know how it goes.

Seriously, what have your band of charlatans gotten accomplished during twelve years of your beloved republican party ruling Congress with six years of total control of the Federal government. To say not much would be a gross exaggeration of what you accomplished. Sure, you got the Parks Department to stop giving out the age of the Grand Canyon, but seriously, that's a sinewy table scrap that even the dog wouldn't touch.

Still, you gnaw and gnaw and gnaw on it, because it's all you get. In the six years of republican control, have you enjoyed your daily diet of well picked through bones and scraps of meat so tough that even the rawhide bone looks tastier? I hope you have, because just as you rode the nation's pendulum toward conservatism, you must face the inevitable return of it as it speeds to you like an executioners axe. As it does, even those such crumbs will be harder to find.

Six years and all you got were symbolic votes, and symbolic votes are a lot like symbolic victories. It still feels like losing, it is losing.

Someday the republicans will return to power. Just remember that when they do things aren't going to change. The dog still gets a house, and you still just get a mat. And I'll still be laughing last.

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