Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Scooter Libby

With the Scooter Libby trial coming to an end today without either Karl Rove or Dick Cheney having to take the stand, I have to wonder if the early trial fireworks made enough of an impression on the White House to guarantee a pardon for Libby. After all the promised fireworks, the trial really did fizzle toward the end. So, did Scooter rattle enough chains to secure at least the promise of a pardon. I'd have to guess yes.

Now, if he is convicted, it will be up to his lawyers to run out the clock before a office exiting pardon can be thrown his way. Can he trust the administration to follow through? Again, I'd have to guess yes. You don't work that close to power and not pick up some dirt on the bosses. This isn't a company man taking one for the team, it's two, or three, armed men slowly backing out of the room through different exits with guns ready.

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