Monday, February 26, 2007

The IP Solution

Sometimes the solution to a problem is so simple, it is overlooked. As has been noted many places, the Bush administration has been purging US Attorneys for political reasons, most notably Carol Lam, the US attorney that brought Duke Cunningham to justice and continues her probe into that case. She has recently indicted CIA #3 Dusty Foggo and Brent Wilkes for their role in the case.

For this reason Lam has been asked to resign, although the White House and the DOJ claim otherwise. They claim that Lam isn't doing enough to prosecute immigration cases.

I say fine, lets take the Bushies at their word even if it is a lie. A replacement should be appointed post haste, and perhaps her replacement will do a better job a prosecuting immigration cases. Meanwhile, Congressional Democrats should appoint Lam as an Independent Prosecutor to investigate every facet of the Cunningham case. This will free her from the burden of the other duties Lam now faces as a US Attorney.

See, problem solved. By the time Lam finishes her investigation and prosecutes all the involved parties Bush will be out of office and she can be reinstated as US Attorney if she so desires.

Remember, elections have consequences.

Found via Attaturk

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