Friday, February 23, 2007

But Can He Cook?

Ah, a story about my favorite (Not favored, but favorite) candidate. Noted food critic Duncan "Lemon Chicken" Hunter has hired a State Chair for South Carolina. His name is Dr. Henry Jordan who recently said during a State Board Of Education meeting, "Screw the Buddhists and kill the Muslims, And put that in the minutes,"

The Board was kind enough to not actually put it in the minutes, but a FOIA got hold of a tape of the meeting with the remarks intact.

When confronted about the remarks, Jordan played the frustration card, which is quickly becoming as hot as rehab. From We Are Family:

"I was expressing my frustration. We can't teach basic Christianity even from a historical standpoint, but they can teach about Muslims and Buddhists," he said. "They can teach any kind of cult. Buddhism is a cult. So is Islam. I'm getting a little tired of it."

In a television interview Friday, Jordan said no one wants to be tolerant of Christians, although Christians are expected to tolerate other religions, adding: "I did not wish these two religious groups any ill will."

Jordan plans to offer a proposal at the next board meeting to allow students to vote to display the commandments at their school and to pay for it with private money.

"What I want to do is promote Christianity as the only true religion," he said. "This nation was founded to worship, honor and glorify Jesus Christ, not Mohammed, not Buddha."

Jordan ought to see if those kids can raise some money to get himself a copy of those ten commandments, I'm pretty sure thou shalt not kill is in there somewhere.

And seriously, can he cook?

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