Tuesday, July 25, 2006


This is kind of Liebermanesque. A GOP candidate for Senate called an informal lunch meeting with reporters, ripped the republican party, then refused to be identified for the piece. The only reason to do this would be to take a stand against your party for the fall election, yet he refuses to be identified. Bizarre. Here are some of the charges he levels, from the Washington Post:

The source of the candidate's anger -- and his anxiety -- is the Iraq war, which he called "the single thread that is weaving through every issue," including high gas prices and the violence in Lebanon. "People want an honest assessment from the administration, and they want to hear the administration admit we thought this, and it didn't happen that way, and -- guess what -- it didn't work, so we're going to try a Plan B." He continued: "Let's call it what it is. We thought this was going to be a different kind of engagement."

He seemed less agitated by the policy failure than by Bush's unwillingness to admit failure. "I don't know why the people around him don't see that," he said. "It is a frustration, to say the least. I think it is a lost opportunity to bring the American people along on a mission that is incredibly important."

Obviously, he wants to be seen as someone who will stand up to the administration, he goes on to say that he doesn't think he wants Bush campaigning for him, but if you don't make your identity known, how are the voters supposed to know you're the guy willing to do it?

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