Monday, July 10, 2006

Hackett To Endorse Brown Today

At a rally in Cincinnati today, Paul Hackett will endorse Sherrod Brown. Hackett has the potential to push Brown over the top should he rally the independents that support him to back Brown. I don't know what Hackett has on his plate these days, but I'd like to see him make more appearances with Brown than this one rally.

A lot of the Hackett supporters that I met at various functions seemed to me to be more Paul Hackett activists than they were partisan political activists if that makes any sense. To be honest, several of them didn't even really seem to know that much about politics. That is the kind of people that Paul Hackett brings out, and that is important.

There was a lot of nasty infighting between staffer of Brown and Hackett after Hackett dropped out of the race. Hackett didn't help much by saying he was forced from the race by the beltway crowd. That always struck me as total bull. I'm not saying that pressure wasn't applied, but those such as Ned Lamont faced the same pressures and stayed in the race. Of course, Lamont has the advantage of not needing their money, so there is a slight difference.

Hopefully Hackett's endorsement will end any ill will his supporters still have towards Brown.

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