Friday, July 07, 2006

Jobs Report

Another first Friday of the month, another lousy jobs report. I just don't understand how these forecasts can be so far off. There were 121,000 job created, 175,000 jobs forecast. Actually, the yammering I was hearing this morning talked of the possibility of 225,000 jobs created.

I think it is time to face facts, the economy is nowhere near as good for wage earners as republicans are making it out to be. They're out of touch with working Americans and Democrats really should start pushing that meme instead of cowering when people say that other economic indicators show the economy doing well.

Those indicators don't mean a damn thing to the man on the street who is unemployed or at least underemployed. Sure, Iraq is a bigger issue, as is being showed in the Connecticut Senatorial primary between Lieberman and Lamont, but out here in the fly over states, the economy sucks for a lot of people.

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