Monday, July 31, 2006

Eric Alterman (Nope)

Over at Newsweek, Eric Alterman (Still not the right guy) writes possibly the dumbest paragraph ever written about the Connecticut Democratic Primary race. From Newsweek:

At the same time, the Senate needs collegial moderates who work across party lines. It's the only way to stop the really bad stuff. And the revival of the romance of the antiwar left is a potential disaster for the Democrats. That's what gave the world Richard Nixon in 1968.

Nixon was a lot of things, but one thing he wasn't was polling at nine fucking percent before the election which republican candidate and known card counter Alan Schlesinger is. The republicans can't win this seat no matter what happens in the primary, period.

It is truly amazing how many apocalyptic warnings are being issued over this race. I think later tonight on CNN, Paula Zahn is going to see what the book of Revelations can tell us about Joe Lieberman.

Update: Yes, I am indeed an idiot. Must of been hung over that day. What can I say, I fucked this one up. My apologies to Eric Alterman, it was Jonathan Alter who wrote this.


Anonymous said...

Gee, bright one - Think you mean Jonathan Alter, not Eric Alterman. And you think he's dumb?

Anonymous said...

Hey Philip,
Get a clue and learn how to read. The article is from Jonathan Alter not Eric Alterman. Looks like you have a bone to pick with Dr. Alterman but you jumped the gun just a bit. Don't-cha-think?

Anonymous said...

Alter, Alterman, Greenburg, Iceberg -- whatever. A Jew sunk the titanic, right?

Anonymous said...

Well, at least your embarrassing error got you some comments.

Phlip said...

No bone to pick, just fuckered the names.