Monday, July 03, 2006

Because 9/11 Changed Nothing

It's no wonder the Bush administration has been trying to put the kibosh on the lawsuit against major telcos over the NSA spy program, there is a lot of politically damaging information about the administration that will come out if the suit proceeds.

Bloomberg released some of that damaging information Friday. You see, as much as the Bush administration claims that 9/11 changed everything, the fact is they were already moving to spy on the American people and even if 9/11 never happened they would still be spying on us.

Indeed, a June 23 filing by attorney Carl Mayer in this case states that the administration came to AT&T seven months before 9/11 to see about implementing the program. Now, a little simple arithmetic tells us that they approached AT&T within two weeks of Bush's inauguration. The administration had it's foot to the floor on this program from day one.

The divulging of the timing of the beginning of the program tells us something very important about this administration. This isn't an idea a transition team works up in a couple of months, the powers that push and pull Bush's strings had to be planning to spy on the American people before the 2000 presidential election. Kinda makes you rethink election irregularities, doesn't it?

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