Thursday, July 13, 2006

I Think He Can Count His Votes Slipping Away

Alan Schlesinger, the republican candidate for the Senate in Connecticut has a little problem. It seems that he likes to go to the Indian casinos and play blackjack in a way that casinos frown upon. Apparently Schlesinger was counting cards, under an assumed name. That surely can't help his chances come November. Republicans are furiously searching for a replacement.

Perhaps ala Lieberman, Schlesinger can petition to run as an independent, under the Bill Bennett party.

Seriously though, this could really help Joe Lieberman if he doesn't win the primary and has to run as an independent. Any replacement would have little time to make a name for him or herself and republican voters would surely choose Lieberman over Ned Lamont.

If a viable replacement for Schlesinger can be found, at least viable in the Connecticut republican sense of the word, I think Lamont would win a three way race. Without one to peel enough votes off from Lieberman, I think he loses.

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