Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Doctor Is In?

I always say take internal polls with a grain of salt, but you might want to bring the whole shaker for this one. According to an internal poll released by Dr. Victoria Wulsin's campaign, the good doctor and Jean Schmidt are in a dead heat, tied at 44% apiece. Even if this poll is completely screwed up, Wulsin must still be running ten points ahead of what I would expect from an Democratic unknown in this district, and yes I admit, I'd never heard of her until today.

Wulsin has been endorsed by Paul Hackett, and from the YouTube videos on her campaign website proves herself to be a polished speaker, but it is still OH-02 and this is about as tough as it gets for Democratic candidates. Of course, we're talking about Jean Schmidt here and she probably has the lowest approval rating of any member of the House so who knows.

Check out Wulsin's website here.

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