Thursday, July 20, 2006

He Sucks, But Why Do Better?

George Voinovich writes an Op-Ed in today's Washington Post. In it, Voinovich acknowledges that John Bolton is "not perfect" and that at the time Bolton originally came up for confirmation he "came to the conclusion that the country could do better." Then Voinovich drops this paragraph:

Ambassador Bolton's appointment expires this fall when the Senate officially recesses. Should the president choose to renominate him, I cannot imagine a worse message to send to the terrorists -- and to other nations deciding whether to engage in this effort -- than to drag out a possible renomination process or even replace the person our president has entrusted to lead our nation at the United Nations at a time when we are working on these historic objectives.

It's probably a good thing Voinovich wasn't on ill-fated Flight 93 where he surely would have countered "Let's Roll" by saying, "Look, I know this shit is bad, but do we really want to change pilots now?!?"

You know, republicans are supposed to be good businessmen, and we hear when they are running for office that you want good businessmen stewarding the nation, right? Well, what the fuck happens after they get to DC? No accountability for anyone, and unqualified personnel are put into key positions. They don't run the country like a business, instead they run the nation as if it was some backwoods hick town where even the mayor's half-retarded cousin gets a city job.

A good question for Voinovich is, would you hire him if it was your money?

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