Monday, July 17, 2006

Is Katherine Harris On Crack?

At some point you have to start asking what the hell exactly is wrong with Katherine Harris. Bizarre story after bizarre story has came out of her campaign and this weekend was no different. Harris has previously stated that she will contribute $10 million dollars of her own money towards her campaign, and indeed, she has already thrown $3 million in that money pit.

Of course, what she didn't say was that there would be gimme backs. Her latest FEC filings show that Harris took $100,000 from her grossly underfunded campaign to renovate her house in Washington DC, one she's not going to be needing very much longer. Even former Harris staffers, thought to no longer be shock-able by Harris' behavior were stunned. From The Orlando Sentinel:

"I have never heard of a candidate taking money out of a campaign coffer like it's an ATM. It absolutely boggles my mind," former Harris campaign manager Jim Dornan said. "This is a woman who has completely lost touch with reality. You don't take your campaign contributors' money, whether it's yours or not, and spend it to renovate your house. This is absolutely insane."

Seriously, something is wrong with this woman that I don't think can be ascribed to the usual stress that candidates feel during a run for office. She has gone totally fucking fruit loops.

Found via TPM Muckraker

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