Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Show

It looks like I'm the one of the very few, if not the only person out here in Left Blogistan that thinks the republican's response to the New York Times is a complete dog and pony show. I think it's pretty obvious that it is though, and I believe more than ever that the administration authorized the "leak" of information already in the public domain (the president himself has mentioned that we are tracking financial networks) so they could attack the New York Times for running it.

Lets face it, the three newspapers that ran this article got played by the administration so they could go on the attack and feed some red meat to the base during an election year. Note especially the over the top anger by the administration, yet the lack of action. Of course, it would be stupid to have an investigation that leads right back to you.

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Truth Hunter said...

You've got this latest "Turd Blossom" Rove ploy figured out, his fingerprints are all over it. The NYT can sleep at night, no one is going to do more than talk... but the GOP conservative base loves it.

Just like the supposed Utah "test" GOP primary election where immigration was the issue... political novice Jacob (challenger to Bush's boy Cannon) said "Satan" and dark forces were hurting his campaign!! Yikes! This was a test? Still, Jacob garnered 44% of the vote.

I'm also convinced the Senate-House bills on immigration are just "good cop" and "bad cop" stuff. We'll only see what the GOP is up to after November.

November... the next worry. Can we get an honest vote?