Monday, June 26, 2006

How Radioactive Is Bush?

Just in case you were wondering how radioactive Bush still is after the media has been talking about his non-existent bounce following the death of al-Zarqari in Iraq. Joe Lieberman has now taken the position that the infamous Bush kiss after the 2005 State Of The Union address never happened. From Time:

Connecticut party officials were particularly incensed when President Bush kissed Lieberman on the cheek following his 2005 State of the Union address. In meetings with state Dems, Lieberman tried to assuage their concerns, but also kept reminding party officials he had a 70% approval rating. Even so, the attacks on the kiss became so vocal that an exasperated Lieberman told one group of Democrats "I didn't kiss him back," a response that didn't exactly hearten them. (The incident has become so radioactive that Lieberman now denies Bush actually kissed him, telling TIME last week "I don't think he kissed me, he leaned over and gave me a hug and said ?thank you for being a patriotic American.")

Umm, there's video of that Joe. I don't think it's going to help Lieberman much to plainly lie to the people of Connecticut about the kiss. There are lots of things politicians can bamboozle voters with, but this isn't one of them. I'd try another angle.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Phil-
Do you know how much they want for the old Boru's space?
-Steve O.

Phlip said...

I heard $31 a square foot. Pretty ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Eeek. That would be a perfect spot for a Katzingers like deli. Mmmmmm pickled tongue. Agggggg.