Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bush's Response To Bank Scandal

President Bush has responded to the leaking of the SWIFT program to track terrorist's monies as they move through the international banking system. From the Washington Post:

President Bush offered an impassioned defense of his secret international banking surveillance program yesterday, calling it a legal and effective tool for hunting down terrorists and denouncing the media's disclosure of it as a "disgraceful" act that does "great harm" to the nation.

The Constitutional erosions this program creates set aside, this is a joke. Could it even be doubted before this revelation that this administration is spying on every single piece of electronically transmitted data? This administration still gets high marks for some reason on the war on terror, and this is just pandering to this base in an election year. I wouldn't be surprised if they leak it themselves.

Just look at the facts. First you have the immediate vilification of that dreaded right wing bogeyman, The New York Times. Never mind that the right wing shills at the Wall Street Journal ran the same story on the same day. But no, it had to those evil terrah sympathizers at the Times who took the lead on this leak. Dumbass David Frum even went as far to say it had to be the Times because, "The grammar of the story as I see it reported suggests that information came to the Times first." I guess the LA Times and the WSJ are just plagiarizers.

Of course, neither Bush or Cheney raised the possibility of investigating reporters to find out where the leak came from either.

You will see more of this as the election approaches. The administration has to push it hard, because as yesterday's ABC / Washington Post poll confirmed, terrorism is now considered the nation's top priority by only 8% of the population. So be on the lookout for more high profile terror arrests like the Roman Catholofascists buffoons in Miami, and God knows we'll shut the entire country down if another nasty note scribbled banana boat enters one of our ports.

Without another actual attack however, it's probably too late.

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