Friday, June 23, 2006

Not Under Oath, Doesn't Matter

The McCain report issued yesterday offers proof that Bob Ney lied to a Senate investigating committee. In response, Ney spokesman Brian Walsh, told the Washington Post that Ney's testimony, "was a voluntary meeting -- it was not conducted under oath." That doesn't matter, it's still a crime to lie to such a committee.

It looks like it is getting pretty close to indictment time for Ney. David Safavian was the last duck that the feds had to sew up before they cook Ney's goose, and indeed, during Safavian's trial at times it was difficult to determine who was on trial, Safavian or Ney, and keep in mind the fact that the government didn't even unleash their top witnesses against Safavian. They're saving them for Ney.

The real question is who is Ney going to give up for a lesser prison sentence if it comes to that. After Ohio GOP chairman Bob Bennett publicly asked Ney to drop out of his re-election race, Ney shot back, "I would say if he asked me to step down that he'd better look in the mirror because glass houses break easily."

Ney has been a player in the Ohio GOP long enough that I would bet that he has some pretty good dirt to throw around if backed into a corner, which he looks to be. Will he use the shovel to save his ass? I hope so.

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