Monday, June 26, 2006

The Michael Higbie Amendment

Today the Senate is poised to vote on a Federal Amendment to ban desecration of the American flag. It is an oh so important amendment to our hallowed Constitution for in the last year alone there has been three US flags desecrated. From the Columbus Dispatch:

The pro-amendment Citizens’ Flag Alliance lists three instances of flag desecration this year, including one involving a drunk [Michael Higbie] who tore two small flags from a sailor’s monument in West Haven, Conn.

Yes, we must stop Higbie, a one man flag wrecking machine and apparent racist who alone is responsible for two-thirds of all flag desecrations in this country.

There is something to be said of a country that put idolatry over citizenry, or in this case just one citizen, and it's not very pleasant.

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Jeff said...

Two things most people do not want named for them:

The first is a law or amendment because you have probably either (a) done something so stupid and appalling that the powers that be wish to forever censure such behavior; or (b) have had something stupid and appalling happen to you that makes the powers that be wish to immortalize your plight and punish others in your name.

The second thing most people do not want named for them is a disease. Unless it is a cool disease like beautiful women with gigantic breast disease. But generally you don't want your name to be synonymous with a horribly disfiguring disease.