Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Oh, That Gerald Ford Died

Think about it. Before today, unless you caught last night's news, when was the last time you thought about Gerald Ford? It has probably been awhile. Maybe you caught a back page story on one of his trips to the hospital, but that's about it.

So how in one day did a man who never collected a single vote for the presidency become a modern day Diogenes that led the nation through the darkness back from the brink? Was he an able president? Sure. Was he as MSNBC is now calling him, one of history' greatest leaders? Hardly.

He kept the seat warm, had approval ratings mostly in the mid-forties, and his "Long national nightmare" speech is a pretty good read.

So how did he get from what he was, which was the guy who just happened to be in the seat when Nixon was forced to step down, to how he is being described today. He died, no more, no less.

I really was going to let this go until I saw the bravest leader thing. It was just too over the top to ignore.

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