Monday, December 11, 2006

Dollar Bills

Nothing goes more to prove that all politics is local than the re-election of William "Dollar Bill" Jefferson to the US House of Representatives. Jefferson is under investigation for receiving bribes and was found to have $90,000 hidden in frozen food packages in his freezer.

How can voters send a guy like this back to Congress? Well, I'll tell you. The people of Jefferson Parish want to put one of their people into that seat. The candidate they backed in the November 7th primary didn't make it into the run-off. So, knowing that Jefferson's time in DC will most likely be cut short either by the Department of Justice or the House Ethics Committee they voted him back in to wait for an open special election which will be easier for them to win.

Wildly popular Jefferson Parish Sheriff Henry Lee led the effort and if you are unfamiliar the Louisiana's parish system, the sheriff is the most powerful person in each parish, answering only to the voters. Lee has held the spot for twenty some odd years. He has since even bragged about suppressing the votes for Karen Carter saying he told the white voters of the parish to vote for Jefferson or stay home.

The Jefferson Parish voters are reportedly interested in running state Senator Derrick Shepard when

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