Monday, December 11, 2006

Back In Town

Well, I made it back from Florida in one piece which given some of the vacations I've taken is a good thing indeed. The weather wasn't the most cooperative and spoiled our viewing of the shuttle launch and a fishing trip we had planned, but compared to Ohio's below freezing weather, I'll take it every day of the week.

A lot happened when I was gone and I'm still playing catch-up. Pinochet is dead, so there is one less asshole in the world. That's a good thing and I'll comment more on that later. I caught some of Bush and Blair's joint presser last week, and it is just unbelievable how big a buffoon Bush comes across as when he takes Q & A. We were actually laughing at his performance.

I did pick up The Iraq Study Group Report yesterday at the airport and I'll probably finish it tonight. Speaking of picking books up at the airport, on the way down I read The Last Templar. It was a pretty decent read, but the best part is that there is a new bookstore in the airport that buys the books they sell back so I read it on the way down and traded it in on the way back for the ISG report.

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Seven Star Hand said...

Hey Phlip,
Smart bookstore...

We are witnessing the last throes of so-called representative democracy...

Just how wise is it for billions of souls to to be at the mercy of a proven idiot just because those with the most money put him in power? GW Bush and the greedy scoundrels that surround him are stunning evidence of the utter folly and failures of government driven by money, religion, and politics.

It was clear to me that GHW (papa) Bush was crying recently because he's suffering from the stress of realizing that the debacles caused by his son are ultimately traced to the Bush family's aristocratic ambitions. In other words, the old man is as much to blame for Irag and other evils as the clueless son he foisted upon the world stage. That is why family consiglieri James Baker and smoking man Eagleburger were called in to set the stage for little W's demise.

Royalty, aristocracy, and plutocracy always were and always will be bad ideas and we have been forced to suffer through yet more proof of this. Do you think GW's feelings are more important than the wealth and power of the empire? We're now witnessing the praetorian guard fulfilling their most sacred duty; saving the empire from an insane emperor. Unfortunately for them, it's too little too late.

Here is Wisdom...