Friday, December 29, 2006

Joe Lieberman

I took four things away from reading Joe Lieberman's op-ed in today's Washington Post.

1. Joe wants to escalate, escalate, escalate our troop level in Iraq but doesn't seem to know what they will do.

2. Joe is boring. I mean, he is really dull. I always thought that it was his voice that made him seem that way, but he writes pretty dull also.

3. Joe is a gasbag. Succinct is not in his vocabulary. I'm not sure why he thought he needed to shit this 1,109 word whale on to WAPO's editorial page. He could cut the thing in half and still said what he wanted to say, which leads us to number four. I'll sum that one up in just eleven words.

4. Joe has little if any idea what he is talking about.

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