Monday, December 11, 2006

Fighting Them There So We Can Bring Them Here

This ought to make the wingnuts heads explode. There is a push for the United States to accept more Iraqi refugees. From The Boston Globe:

Ellen Sauerbrey, assistant secretary of state for refugees and migration, said that while the Bush administration does not think resettlement is needed for most refugees, its policy could rapidly change.

"It is quite possible that we will in time decide that because of vulnerabilities of certain populations that resettlement is the right option," Sauerbrey said. While acknowledging that the administration originally set a quota of no more than 500 Iraqi refugees, she said the president has the legal authority to admit 20,000 additional refugees.

I doubt this would ever happen, but more pressure will be applied to the US by our regional allies as they get stuck dealing with the refugee problem which should pass ten percent of the total population of Iraq in 2007 at the current rate of fleeing.

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