Wednesday, December 06, 2006


In reading David Broder's column on all the glorious compromise in the report, I really got the impression that these guys were planning a class reunion rather than an end to the bloodshed in Iraq. Consider this quote from the Post:

"We went over the recommendations word by word until everyone was satisfied," Simpson said. "No one was trying to sneak anything in, and no one was laying traps. It was a very powerful experience."

Not like back in the day like when Vernon Jordan sent away to the printers that our prom colors were orange and fuchsia (I'm not sure fuschia existed as a color back then), or the time when we sent away for our class shirts with everybody's name on it and Lee Hamilton put dickhead in parenthesis after James Bakers name (This actually happened at my high school).


Anyway, I'm off to Florida and will be offline.

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