Friday, December 01, 2006

Changing The Course

The US State Department is floating the idea of ending the reconciliation attempt with the Sunni insurgency calling it the 80% solution because Sunnis represent 20% of the population. It's a bad idea opposed by nearly everybody including our current ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad, our military leaders, and all of our allies in the region.

It would probably lead to the slaughter of several thousands of Sunnis, which of course should get the Princess of Foggy Bottom a Nobel Peace Prize.

One thing I found wildly amusing in the Washington Post article about this proposal were the word of grade A dipshit Steven Hadley. From the Post:

"There is a real sense of urgency, but there is not a sense of panic," Hadley told reporters on board Air Force One. "I think probably it's going to be weeks rather than months. It's going to be when the president is comfortable."

Bullshit. When this report drops on Wednesday, the administration is going to go batshit crazy. This administration is built solely around controlling the 24 hour news cycle. It is their greatest character flaw. It is why they skip around from crisis to crisis without ever implementing proper policy to solve anything. A lot of this is due to pure incompetence, but some of their incompetence comes from being enslaved to looking good in the 24 news cycle.
It creates a merry-go-round of retardation.

And with next Wednesday, the butcher's bill comes due. The administration will in no way be able to control any 24 hr news cycle from the time the ISG report drops until they do something, anything, to show they are changing course, and we're not talking about glossy pamphlets this time, but an actual change in policy.

This is, unfortunately, where the true danger lies. Who knows which nitwit will be the last one to get the president's ear before he freaks out about all the people around him running around with their hair on fire. One thing is for sure about whichever direction we are going to take in this war. It won't be long thought out by rational people, it will be knee jerk, and with knee jerk nine times out of ten, you get the wrong policy.

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