Friday, December 01, 2006

Looking For Votes In All The Wrong Places

Let me start first of all by saying that I don't dislike Joe Biden. I agree with him on probably 90% of things. I just think that he's nuts if he thinks he is ever going to be president of the United States, not Duncan Hunter nuts mind you, but nuts all the same.

A couple of days ago, I wondered aloud where Joe thought he was going to find his constituency, outside of bankers that is. Well, apparently Joe thinks he has found them. Unfortunately for Joe, their turnout for the Democratic primary is most likely suspect at best. From the Wilmington Star:

Biden told the crowd he needs the GOP and its supporters to put Nov. 7 behind them. "American needs - I need - the Republican Party to get back up," he said. "Not a single change in direction can be done without a bipartisan consensus in this country."

Biden knew it was a Republican audience, but said he wasn't surprised people lingered and listened.

"I don't find a lot of difference between Republicans and Democrats right now," Biden said.

People know the nation is "in a pretty deep hole domestically" and want to know what lawmakers and politicians are going to do about it, Biden said.

But South Carolina holds a partisan primary, notes Don Fowler, former Democratic National Committee co-chairman. "If you're running in a Democratic primary, why give your best shot to Republicans," Fowler said.

It is true that South Carolina holds an open primary that allows crossover voting, but if Joe thinks South Carolina republicans are going to cross over to vote for him, he is indeed nuts.

With the recent primary schedule, and even the tweaked one of 2008, South Carolina is the kick-off state for republicans running for president. Karl Rove most recently knew it, which was why he didn't sweat McCain in Iowa or New Hampshire. But when it came to South Carolina, the long knives came out. It might be the most crucial state in shaping who gets to be the republican nominee.

South Carolinians know this and aren't going to cross over to vote for Joe. Looks like he is wasting his time.

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