Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Voter Anger

A new poll by CNN shows that 54% of the country thinks that things in the US are going badly. A whopping 76% say there are things going on in this country to be "angry" about. The real scary number for republicans in this survey is that 55% say they are more likely to support a challenger in this fall's election. That is 7% more than responded similarly in 1994, the year that republicans retook the House.
The above graphic from the Detroit Free Press surely shows one of the major factors feeding this anger among voters. This is the the change in median income under the six years of the Bush presidency. Here in Ohio the median income has dropped 9.3% in six years. That is staggeringly high and as you can see there are states doing even worse than us. In fact, in only four states and the District of Columbia have people seen increases in median pay.

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