Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Losing The War On Terror

On a day when George Bush is set to give another speech on the War On Terror, one of our major partners in the effort to root out Al Queda has called it quits. The government of Pakistan announced today that it has signed a peace treaty with Al Queda and Taliban sympathizers in Waziristan.

The move for all intents and purposes insures that we will never catch Osama bin Laden, lest he is dumb enough to leave the region. From ABC News.com:

Under the agreement, the Pakistan military will stop monitoring the activity of the militants, who will pledge to "live like good citizens," General Sultan said. More than 30 militant prisoners have been released, and the military will pay compensation for property destroyed during the fighting.

This should effectively put a knife in the back of republicans running for re-election this fall. Terror was about all they had to run on and this peace treaty is a major setback in that war. The administration's inability to keep Pakistan on board is going to produce serious fallout among those who still believe republican's are better at keeping them safe than Democrats. This could be the straw that completely breaks the republican's backs.

By the way, today's in focus item on the White House web site is global diplomacy. It sure would be nice to actually have some of that.

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